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Guerilla Art Day


“GUERILLA ART DAY”We Are 13th Street, art, artist

The “Guerilla Art Day” in the fall of 2012 kicked off “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project”

The public was invited out to help create temporary public art.  Residents, the district commissioners and the mayor took to the streets to help paint the town.

The events planned were a sidewalk chalk competition, we created banners and temporary art to hang from the trees, we duct taped the lamp poles to create a colorful urban environment, we painted a house in the neighborhood with fun colors and polka dots and we also painted a car.

We had a great turnout, leaving us and the community feeling exhilarated and wanting more, some asking if we could make this a yearly event!

The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project had an impact on a community with the introduction of a plan to create three pieces of public art.  Good design, planning, and management activities are vitally important to cultivate and shape an authentic sense of identity and improve the well-being of the people who live and work in four vibrant communities surrounding 13th street, they include Middle River Terrace, South Middle River, Lakeridge and Poinciana Heights.

With a Community Foundation of Broward “Art Of Community Engagement” grant and as part of a larger team of neighborhood groups including H.O.M.E.S Inc, The 13th Street Alliance, representatives from the four civic associations and artists Jacklyn Laflamme and Lorraine Maxwell we are using this project as a community development tool.

The Power of collaboration can make a larger impact….

When artists and organizations work together to realize shared goals, in this particular case the revitalization of a community, the recognition and reward is far greater. As a team, sharing knowledge, access to resources becomes broader, increasing success.

Thank You to The Community Foundation Of Broward, H.O.M.E.S Inc. and The 13th Street Alliance for allowing me to be a part of this amazing adventure!

More to come as “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project” continues…

Author: Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme.... In Living Color!

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