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“Paint The Town” – Book Deal


Mario Uriel a fellow artist who works for the City Of Pembroke Pines, was interviewing me for another mural project. Mario has always been a  fan of art in public places.  I told him about “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project ” and he mentioned that he has always wanted to create a documentary about artists who make a difference.

I put him in touch with The 13th Street Alliance and H.O.M.E.S. Inc. and he made his pitch to produce a book about how a community came together to paint the town and make a difference.

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Let’s Paint The Town with The 13th Street Alliance is now available online.

The power of networking pays off…

It is so important to network you never know who you may meet and where their interests lie. As artists we need to surround ourselves with a team of experts.  In this particular case a win, win situation, Mario has a new work for his portfolio and the 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project has further documentation of the event. All this can help in many ways, one being to add credibility to the project another, to help obtain further funding for future endeavors… It helps everyone involved!

Thank You Mario for this amazing tribute to the 13th Street Community!

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Author: Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme.... In Living Color!

2 thoughts on ““Paint The Town” – Book Deal

  1. I found my picture in this book. Uuggggh! But the book is very cute, it was a great idea Mario had to create it…. for a great community event. 🙂

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