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“Paint The Town” – Makes The News

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“Paint The Town” – The 13th Street Community Art Day finally arrived, everybody was so excited to be able to participate in this unique experience.

Jacklyn Laflamme 13 St Ch 10

ABC News Channel 10  showed up and I was interviewed by reporter Ben Kennedy on the morning of the event, Saturday 3/2/2013. It was unusually cold that morning for South Florida so we were all bundled up.  The news reports (we actually did two of them) went on the air live. It was so exciting, a lot of people attended the event that day as a result of seeing it on TV.

art artist blog

Wow…. what an amazing day! 

artist blog

CBS News Channel 4 came out next and put together a really informative video about the event. The news report was aired at different times throughout weekend. With all the press coverage received, it attracted even more attention to the project and the wonderful work created to liven up the 13th Street community.

artist blog

The Power of The News Release attracts the attention of the press…

I cannot impress upon you enough, the importance of a good solid news release. Remember it is just the hook to reel in the press so make sure the bait includes something, exciting and news worthy. In this particular case the community involvement was the draw.

Thank You to Ben Kennedy, the channel 10 ABC news team and to CBS Channel 4 news team for your time to come out and film, Ben you did a great job painting!

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Author: Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme.... In Living Color!

One thought on ““Paint The Town” – Makes The News

  1. It was great to see Ben Kennedy from channel 10, he was adorable. 🙂 A fun event, I wish the girls could’ve made it out there.

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