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Feeling Froggy


I am so excited to introduce our new mascot Ladle the Leapfrog, the new face of The Fairy Tale Project.

Yesterday he made his debut at Young At Art Museum, during a story time reading and bookmaking workshop. He was well received, and we all had a great time!

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The power to reconnect with our inner child…

Being in touch with our inner child gets the creative juices flowing and expands the imagination. So get out, hug a frog, laugh and be joyful.  In this particular case I know that being silly will keep me Young At HeART!


Thank you to Amber for bringing Ladle The Leap Frog to life!

Learn more about  The Fairy Tale Project Event and View More Photos!

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Author: Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme.... In Living Color!

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