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Larger Than Life

I just stepped out for a moment, I could not help but notice the giant shadow of me. I had to seize the moment to snap this picture.

I am going to title it “Larger Than Life”.

photography, shadows, image

The Power to be larger than life lives inside every artist…

We all have the power to be monumental, to be more interesting and more exciting than an ordinary person or thing.  In this particular case a simple shadow reminded me that I can become whatever I want to be. Seize your moment to be larger than life.


Inside Out Project – Fort Lauderdale

The Inside Out Project is an on going global multimedia, participatory art project that transforms personal identity into pieces of artistic work. The project is a collaboration between French street artist JR, The TED prize and groups throughout the world who are looking to spark conversations and generate awareness through art.

As part of the project participants are challenged to use black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share the untold stories and images of people from around the world.

Inside Out project Fort Lauderdale

“A painter addicted to color, drawing from my imagination, I am compelled to create!” – Jacklyn Laflamme, Visual Artist, Hallandale Beach, www.JacklynLaflamme.com, #InsideOutFTL #InsideOutProject

Inside Out Project – Fort Lauderdale’s first installment, Faces Of Art , A celebration of Local Artists,  will explore and share the diverse talents of our local creative community. Artists of all ages and disciplines are invited to participate, please see the call to artists for more information to become a part of this amazing event.

The Power of looking within…

An artist views the world from the inside out, looking through inspired eyes at subject matter to be expressed.  Real power comes from being able to reverse that process and look within, in this particular case,  by examining your very own heart and soul… you can discover what truly moves you to create!

Thank You to artist JR, Ted prize and all the groups throughout the world who are looking to spark new conversations and generate awareness through art.

Follow other artists and stay involved with all Inside Out Fort Lauderdale events by following their social media channels:

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Art At Hand

I am very proud to say that I have been selected as the Florida representative for Art in Hand’s next project “The Food Deck”, a unique deck of playing cards showcasing  art work from talented artist’s across the country. The card that has been selected for the State of Florida is the 9 of clubs, it will feature a new piece I created especially for the project.

"Tasty Delight"

“Tasty Delight”

One artist from each state will create a card to complete the deck. The decks will be available for sale at the end of August. I will keep you posted.

The Power to play your cards…

We all have the power to play our cards no matter what hand is dealt. In this particular case I have definitely been dealt a royal flush. A great opportunity to be a part of a larger community of artists and have my work be noticed on a national level.

I would like to thank Dion Goyette from Art In Hand for creating this amazing project. I would also like to thank Susan Clifton for making the introduction. Susan was the featured artist for the USA Deck for the State Of Florida. Her card the 2 of clubs, features a painting of a flamingo titled “Zelda Escapes The Lawn”.