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Artist In Residency Studio 18 In The Pines

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Artists are inspired and have the gift to inspire others, the best way to unite people is through art. The opportunity for a residency at Studio 18 In the Pines is such an honor. As a resident artist I will have the chance to serve the community, collaborate with other artists, paint, sculpt and exhibit my work, as well as share my craft by teaching workshops, all in a beautiful inspiring environment.  I feel certain that this residency will be a great opportunity for me to get involved, not only to have space to work but to come together with all the Studio 18 artists to create colorful new projects.

Studio 18 In The Pines

As part of the residency I propose to initiate a community engagement, public art project. I am looking forward to collaborating to implement art into our communities. I am certain that working together, we can all make a difference to continue to bring art and culture to the City, promoting Studio 18 and the City Of Pembroke Pines as a cultural destination.

I am so honored by this incredible opportunity and I would like to thank The Cultural Council of Pembroke Pines, Robyn Vegas, Sharon Sammarco, all the staff and all the artists at Studio 18. Your amazing support has been instrumental in helping me to realize my dream, to once again be at home at Studio 18.

Thank You all so much, I only hope that I can accomplish all that my imagination is imagining…

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Studio 18 In Pembroke Pines

1101 Poinciana Drive

Pembroke Pines, FL 33025



Author: Jacklyn Laflamme

Jacklyn Laflamme.... In Living Color!

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