Jacklyn Laflamme

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The Voice – August 2012

My goal was to introduce art to inspire children. Today our school systems are challenged and art programs have been diminished. It was my pleasure to work with groups of children and offer this unique experience for them to help find their “Artistic Voice”. It was a chance for them to meet and work with a professional artist. Children learned about the entire process of creating works of art from start to finish, as well as the opportunity to exhibit the work in a professional gallery setting.

“I Believe children have incredible imaginations, they are so uninhibited, and their minds overflow with creativity. The goal was to create an environment for them to experience creating art and participate in an exhibition alongside professional artists.”

Workshops were held at the Richard C. Sullivan Library and at River of Grass and Fletcher Art Centers. Together with the amazing staff we covered the visual arts, painting and sculpture. With the help of Tom Olsen we did an exciting photography shoot and with the assistance of Dani Lynn we even created a cool video project. The children created works of art to be exhibited at Studio 18 In The Pines.

The exhibition was a part of a group show entitled “Serendipity” held at Studio 18 in the Pines from August 3 – September 28, 2012. The opening reception was August 3, 2012 with a closing reception on Friday September 7, 2012 that included a studio salon where I the opportunity to speak about my vision for the project.

Robyn Vegas, Cultural Arts Coordinator for the City Of Pembroke Pines, said “The Children will be privileged to work with Laflamme; on behalf of Studio 18 we are very excited to work with Jacklyn to help her realize her vision.”

Sharon Sammarco, Recreational Supervisor for the City Of Pembroke Pines, said “It will be an honor to witness firsthand Jacklyn’s vision come to fruition here at Studio 18 in the creative hands of the children, I am sure that her amazing energy will help draw out the inner artist in each and every child she reaches.”



The Broward Cultural Division awarded me an individual artist’s grant from the Creative Investment Program (CIP) to help fund this project.

Jacklyn Laflamme

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