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“Paint The Town” – Book Deal

Mario Uriel a fellow artist who works for the City Of Pembroke Pines, was interviewing me for another mural project. Mario has always been a  fan of art in public places.  I told him about “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project ” and he mentioned that he has always wanted to create a documentary about artists who make a difference.

I put him in touch with The 13th Street Alliance and H.O.M.E.S. Inc. and he made his pitch to produce a book about how a community came together to paint the town and make a difference.

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Let’s Paint The Town with The 13th Street Alliance is now available online.

The power of networking pays off…

It is so important to network you never know who you may meet and where their interests lie. As artists we need to surround ourselves with a team of experts.  In this particular case a win, win situation, Mario has a new work for his portfolio and the 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project has further documentation of the event. All this can help in many ways, one being to add credibility to the project another, to help obtain further funding for future endeavors… It helps everyone involved!

Thank You Mario for this amazing tribute to the 13th Street Community!

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“Paint The Town” – ImPRESSive

As if ABC and CBS news teams coming out to 13th Street was not exciting enough, just then the Miami Herald shows up too. Thank you to Erin Jester and Gregory Castillo for the amazing article and the Video all about the events of the day.

Here is the article written by the Miami Herald.  artist blog

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 As I am finishing up the mural a few days after the event, The Sun Sentinel shows up, for the second time.

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I was happy to see the article from the Miami Herald sparked the interest of a design magazine.

Durability + Design; The Journal of Architectural Coatingsartist blog

And to wind things up, the Ft. Lauderdale Observer put together a beautiful slide show of images from the event.

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The Power of Good Press Is Impressive…

It is so valuable to receive good press on projects of this magnitude.  It helps to draw attention to the importance of the arts and the affect it can have to bring about change. In this particular case highlighting this local municipality that is working very hard to advance forward…

“The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project”  brought diverse residents together, replaced blight with beauty, and created  neighborhood pride, branding the area as a safe, fun, arts friendly community where people will want to live, work and play.

Thank You for all the efforts from the press, I feel certain that this colorful community is going to keep on growing and thrive, proving again that “Art Works”.

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“Paint The Town” – Makes The News

“Paint The Town” – The 13th Street Community Art Day finally arrived, everybody was so excited to be able to participate in this unique experience.

Jacklyn Laflamme 13 St Ch 10

ABC News Channel 10  showed up and I was interviewed by reporter Ben Kennedy on the morning of the event, Saturday 3/2/2013. It was unusually cold that morning for South Florida so we were all bundled up.  The news reports (we actually did two of them) went on the air live. It was so exciting, a lot of people attended the event that day as a result of seeing it on TV.

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Wow…. what an amazing day! 

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CBS News Channel 4 came out next and put together a really informative video about the event. The news report was aired at different times throughout weekend. With all the press coverage received, it attracted even more attention to the project and the wonderful work created to liven up the 13th Street community.

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The Power of The News Release attracts the attention of the press…

I cannot impress upon you enough, the importance of a good solid news release. Remember it is just the hook to reel in the press so make sure the bait includes something, exciting and news worthy. In this particular case the community involvement was the draw.

Thank You to Ben Kennedy, the channel 10 ABC news team and to CBS Channel 4 news team for your time to come out and film, Ben you did a great job painting!

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The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project


13TH Street Outdoor Gallery Project Renews The Face Of A Community

Jacklyn Laflamme Sun Sentinel image 2-24-13

13TH Street Outdoor Gallery Project Renews The Face Of A Community

A Community Art Day was held Saturday, March 2nd in order to work towards the rejuvenation of a local community. Hosting the event was The 13th Street Alliance, a non-profit business group dedicated to the commercial revitalization of the area from Federal Hwy. to Powerline and from Sunrise Blvd. North to the Middle River, along with H.O.M.E.S., Inc., a local non-profit organization dedicated to community development and neighborhood revitalization.  Jacklyn Laflamme and Lorraine Maxwell created two colorful murals with funding in part from a Community Foundation, Art Of Community Grant.

I was looking forward to the event as we prepared for the big day, painting the backgrounds and outlining the designs for the murals, creating a giant paint by numbers. Everyone agreed, this made it easier and less intimidating for those who have never painted before.

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The Power Of Involving A Community Makes A difference….

In this particular case we really wanted the local community to be a part of the experience, knowing that if everyone in the neighborhood participated in the creation of the art it would allow them to have a sense of ownership over it.

Thank You to all the wonderful volunteers that came out to help make a difference!

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Guerilla Art Day

“GUERILLA ART DAY”We Are 13th Street, art, artist

The “Guerilla Art Day” in the fall of 2012 kicked off “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project”

The public was invited out to help create temporary public art.  Residents, the district commissioners and the mayor took to the streets to help paint the town.

The events planned were a sidewalk chalk competition, we created banners and temporary art to hang from the trees, we duct taped the lamp poles to create a colorful urban environment, we painted a house in the neighborhood with fun colors and polka dots and we also painted a car.

We had a great turnout, leaving us and the community feeling exhilarated and wanting more, some asking if we could make this a yearly event!

The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project had an impact on a community with the introduction of a plan to create three pieces of public art.  Good design, planning, and management activities are vitally important to cultivate and shape an authentic sense of identity and improve the well-being of the people who live and work in four vibrant communities surrounding 13th street, they include Middle River Terrace, South Middle River, Lakeridge and Poinciana Heights.

With a Community Foundation of Broward “Art Of Community Engagement” grant and as part of a larger team of neighborhood groups including H.O.M.E.S Inc, The 13th Street Alliance, representatives from the four civic associations and artists Jacklyn Laflamme and Lorraine Maxwell we are using this project as a community development tool.

The Power of collaboration can make a larger impact….

When artists and organizations work together to realize shared goals, in this particular case the revitalization of a community, the recognition and reward is far greater. As a team, sharing knowledge, access to resources becomes broader, increasing success.

Thank You to The Community Foundation Of Broward, H.O.M.E.S Inc. and The 13th Street Alliance for allowing me to be a part of this amazing adventure!

More to come as “The 13th Street Outdoor Gallery Project” continues…